June 8, 2011


Every night before I go to bed I check on the kids. To make sure they are where they are supposed to be, are sleeping peacefully and are tucked into bed comfortably instead of the contorted arrangements they like to adapt once they drift off into la la land. The ways we can find them are impressive to say the least. Dangling off the bed with only a third of their body weight keeping them from crashing to the ground, actually on the floor, legs stuck in between crib slats, blankets covering heads, sitting up, etc. If there were a sleep position Olympics I'd have some real gold medal contenders.

Some nights are quieter then others, with no children migrating to our bed, waking from a bad dream crying or sleep walking. And then there are the days that are so crazy that I know before the teeth are brushed or the prayers said that I'm not lucky enough the keep the crazy from extending into night time.

So yesterday after Emery's diaper debacle, the lamp that she broke, her near miss with 3rd degree burns (Fearless Emer's dragged over a chair and climbed onto the kitchen counter by the stove while I was cooking. And all in under a minute while I ran to answer the front door really quick. Like a ninja that one is) and then the nighttime heat rash that appeared on her back I was sure Emery had more in store for me.

When the hubs got home from work at 11 o'clock last night I sent him to go check on them. Let him deal with whatever destruction may be awaiting. Until he came to me all panicked to tell me to come look at this:

Whoa. Immediate freak-out city. Because here's the thing. The term "better safe then sorry" doesn't even begin to cover how paranoid we are as parents. We have spent more then one night in a hospital with the kiddo's afraid that some ailment of theirs was a sign of something more severe or at the very least needed immediate medical attention. But when it comes to eye swelling we are PAIR-RA-NOID. Because of this:

When Caleb was a little over two he started swelling TREMENDOUSLY. In this picture his entire face (as well as the rest of his body) was extremely swollen. From April until September his poor little body just kept swelling, larger and larger. We went to endless amounts of doctors visits, and consulted with no less than 7 different specialists to try to find out what was wrong. And in the end we did find out but not until he was hospitalized for several days at Egleston Hospital in Atlanta and had to undergo blood transfusions, and a variety of other procedures to drain the fluids from his body and keep him from going into kidney failure. We found out that Caleb has Nephrotic Syndrome, which while we obviously wish he didn't have this illness it sure as heck beats the other alternative diagnosis that were explored like cancer.

So we freaked our freak, dragged Ella  out of bed (thanks Universe you pulled a quick one there. Throwing a minor catastrophe at us at night and on a different kid then the one we expected) , called the doctor (that's what they get paid the big bucks for, midnight calls from paranoid parents from us) dosed her up with Benadryl and then proceeded to enjoy the hilarity that is Ella hopped up on Benadryl. She had never had Benadryl before so I fully expected her to immediately fall asleep like I do. Nope, she began rambling like a drunk at happy hour and once we were reassured by our doctor that all would be well we were able to settle down, cuddle our princess and enjoy the show she provided free of charge. All we had to provide was the meds.

Quick Update: her eye is still noticeably swollen but is much better then yesterday and after seeing the doctor today we expect that it should be back to normal soon since it doesn’t appear to be infected.

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