June 6, 2011

An upgraded, newer me

     There’s not a doubt in my mind that only existing friends and family are currently reading my blog. Those random people of the internet could care less about some woman in Georgia with enough kids to form a sports team and a start up blog. But I am hopeful that one day strangers, friends of friends and distant, out of touch family members will stumble across this little blog o' mine, settle in, read it and then come back to visit again. Because the person I am inside is a social butterfly that enjoys meeting new people, sharing life stories and learning from other's experiences. I like to think of myself as a sponge, soaking up the best that friends have to offer and in turn becoming a better person, bit by bit.

     In every day life though I'm somewhat of a hermit who is most comfortable in surroundings that I've adapted to, with people who I know are A, sane (because it's a CAH-RAZY world out there these days) and B, have a sense of humor (life is so much better when you can laugh about it). That should make it easy enough to interact with others right? Except that my list of desirable traits in people is waaaayyyyy shorter then the list detailing the crap people can do that will ensure I avoid them at all costs. And oh my, what a lengthy list that is. But that's a story for another day.

     So here’s a glimpse into my family just so you can put some faces to names if you don’t already know them. Your welcome. Here we all are.


            There is so much more to us then just one picture or one blog post could say. So instead of rambling on about our whole life story here and now I'll share it piece by piece over the following days, months and years. And hopefully one day I'll have the story of our life all mapped out here to come to and reminisce, to remember times otherwise forgotten and to share with friends both new and old.

     Well that’s my little attempt at a meet and greet of sort’s for those who either don’t know me or haven’t seen me since those awkward days of high school when our whole world revolved around prom dates, pushing boundaries, getting our first car and counting down the days until graduation when that magical diploma would at last mark us as the grown adults we already knew we were. Back before life smacked some much needed common sense into our delusional little minds. Who I am now is much different then who I was then. I've grown, matured and evolved into Erica 2.0, 3.0 and now 4.0. But I know version 5.0 is on the horizon and it’s getting closer every minute. I can’t wait to embrace it, it’s sure to be the best me yet.

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